We are experts on wifi. Our specialists have been dealing with wireless coverage of stocks, production halls and offices for more than 10 years. Our company was created on these principles. We are a partner of the companies RUCKUS WIRELESS and Aerohive. We will prepare for you such a solution for which we will stand.

Has anyone already offered you the option of withdrawing the solution andreturning money if it does not work properly?

Downtimes of your workers when dispensing products form stores as the terminal waits for a response from the server will disappear.

We can provide you with the possibility to try the system of working – we will lend the equipment, help with its implementation and attend on your IT.


We implement to your company an effectively designed camera system. We will increase so the safety in the workplace. We will have an overview of turnover of people around the premises. You will see how the workplace security is kept. We will help you to identify areas in order not to violate the legislation.

If you are interested we will registrate you in the relevant offices.